DrupaLMAO Pilot 3

Dave and I have been planning http://DrupaLMAO.com for a while now, and the idea has finally come to fruition with Dave’s purchase of a camera.

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I’ve been having quite a time lately adjusting to this new life, priorities shifting all over the place, looking for a pattern to fall into, yet trying not to fall into a pattern. Women problems, travel problems, work, politics, and visions of the future, wondering which paths to take. Morality adjustments and sometimes not enough attention to my soul and the things that REALLY matter. But that’s life in general. The changes that have started are sometimes scary and I continually re-evaluate my life and what matters to me. I’ve had periods of my life where I’ve been so secure in what I want and where to go and how to get there. But that feeling of security and steadfastness has been replaced by shifting sands underneath my feet and bright lights in every corner catching my attention, distracting me from what I really need and where I really should be. Time to start paying more attention to the things that matter most and cut out the clutter.

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This site came about while listening to the latest Lullabot podcast: Episode 48, when eaton made the profound statement, “What are you, like, some kind of taxonomy nazi?”. This got me to thinking that I’d like that for a sound on my iPhone… wouldn’t it be cool to have some sound bytes from all the crazy things eaton says on those podcasts? How about eatonbytes.com? Why stop there? How about lullabytes.com? Unfortunately lullabytes.com was taken, but lullabytes.net wasn’t! ;) Check it out, upload some of your favs and share some ideas for the site here. Thanks!

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Open Source Pimp

A friend at work heard a story about my friend Dave and I and thought this was appropriate. LMAO.

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Try, Learn, Know and then Teach

I make cool stuff at work. I learn something every day that makes me excited and in awe that I get paid to learn, and use, while being taught by the most enigmatic geniuses that I could even call friend, after a month or so of work comradere. Darkness turns to light with the slightest of gestures from the hands of such as these, that one might stop… and wonders how they, themselves could become something of such magnitude… if only they try, learn, know and then teach.

Try, Learn, Know and then Teach.

I am a Drupal Developer, and I love my job. And though it’s good to be paid to do what I do, so that I might live in our world, and survive, it is so much more rewarding to live by a Basic Standard in a community of individuals that live by a basic oath, simple, plain, and yet oh… so full of meaning. Try, Learn, Know, and then Teach. A creed of this simplicity and magnitude has yet to be developed and aspired to, other then by so many as those that see Open Source as a way of life, a desire, and a monologue to happiness. The principles not only can be seen, and used well, within software development, but of your life in general. An that is what intrigued me the most when I found Drupal.

Come again?

I know it sounds somewhat fanatical and naive, but if you think back to your kindergarten rules, what is there NOT in Drupal’s Open Source Way of Life that could not be applied to a life and how it should be lived? Drupal’s success has been attribute to that and succinctly profound. So live on Open Source, live on… those that thought up Open Source, and please, participate and become someone you respect in a community that truly appreciates those that try, learn, know and then teach.

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