EditJenney Journal, Jenney's Team

Jenney’s support team of doctors, resources, and ways you can help.


  • Jerad Bitner, husband and caregiver
  • Lorena Franklin, Sebastian’s Godmother and GoFundMe organizer
  • Katie Russel, good friend and Meal Train organizer



Marc A Goldman, MD
Marc saved Jenney's life with the extraction of Jenney's tumor from her brain which was giving her severely debilitating migraines. Through his skill and care, she had a full recovery within 1.5 weeks!

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Tamara Tin-May Chao, MD
Tamara is Jenney's OB who is in charge of our pregnancy, ensuring the safety of our unborn son, and may deliver him prematurely if the need arises.


Frank M Senecal, MD, FACP

Frank is the main oncologist we’ve been seeing so far. He’s clearly very respected by his peers and has put us in touch with other experienced experts. He’s been an amazing source of strength, hope, and knowledge for Jenney and me.

John A. Thompson, MD

Carolyn Rutter, MD

Jason K. Rockhill, MD, PhD

What we’re reading and researching

Special thanks to our friend John Hannah Price for many of these materials.



Metabolic Theory

Ways you can help

  1. Write to us, tell us you’re thinking of us, share your stories of hope with us: sirkitree@gmail.com
  2. Sign up for a slot on our Meal Train - You don’t have to be local. This helps us spend less on groceries and spend less time preparing meals.
  3. Donate to our GoFundMe
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