EditJenney Journal, part 16

We had a really good weekend. Saturday we did pretty much nothing at all, just rested. Jenney took some naps and had a headache in the morning and another in the evening, small ones that some Tylenol took care of. But overall we just played with the kids.

Sunday Jenney woke up with some energy and no headache for the first time in almost a month. She decided to make pancakes. She forgot the baking powder and so we ended up with crepes instead, but we were grateful anyway ;) That memory of hers still needs some work it seems.

We went to church at St. John’s in Gig Harbor. It was a bleak scene. Folks were grateful to see her, surprised, but overall a sense of fear seemed to pervade the church. Not very many folks where there, and it’s largely an older crowd, many of whom are more susceptible to COVID-19, and so were encouraged to stay home. The priest came to pray with Jenney and mentioned her during the prayer for those with chronic illness. There are some changes to the ceremonies to minimize contact and risks. The message was about trying to use this trying time to think about our neighbors, connect with them over the phone, pray for them, talk to them. I wish I’d been able to draw more hope from it.

Someone gave us lunch, brought for a gathering that was now not going to be happening. I remember her shrinking away from my touch. Then we met Deborah. She introduced herself and gave us her number, said that her husband had been in remission for some years now and would love to offer any advice or just an ear to listen to as she’d been his caregiver. I mentioned how Jenney had been talking about a Deborah when she awoke from her surgery, and she said she had read that in my blog and felt compelled to introduce herself. Whoa. Definitely going to be calling her.

We went home and started cooking dinner. Jenney’s brother and family were coming to visit and it made plenty of food for us all. After eating we all went to Sunrise Beach together. It was high tide, so not a lot of beach exploring, but the sun was out and we sat in the grass, enjoying each other’s company and the warm sunshine while the kids all ran around and played their games, pretending to be wolves, jumping over rocks, their biggest worry being how many brownies they could have.

I remember being so care-free growing up in the valley in PA. I hope I can help them hold onto that.

My anxiety kicked in later in the evening, so I tried working out, which helped. Too much talk of COVID-19 and worrying about the future. Gotta remain in the present, affect what you can today, deal with tomorrow when it comes, and choose to have faith. At least these are the things I’m trying to hold onto.

Monday was the first day Jenney had no headaches at all! She didn’t try to make pancakes again, but she did go feed the chickens, and get the kids ready for school with the grandmas to help, while I start in on my enormous amount of work emails piled up from the last two weeks. It was great to hear my friends and co-workers on our Monday team call, though again, lots of COVID-19 talk.

Amongst the emails and the meetings, I was able to schedule some appointments for Jenney. One with a Gamma Knife place at Harborview Medical Center. I heard there was a COVID-19 related death there, so I convinced them to consult with us over the phone. Another appointment was for a new OB in maternal fetal medicine who specializes in high risk pregnancies who was referred to us by our current OB. She’s in Tacoma.

My neighbors to the rescue once again, agreed to take the kids once they were out of school. The new OB then called and said she’d put in a word with another oncologist within the Multicare system, explaining that sometimes it’s easier to keep the team within one system for coordination purposes. We agreed to see them and decide if we’d like to switch.

More research again that evening. The history of cancer research and treatment is depressing. Combined with worries that we won’t be able to get Jenney the treatment needed if there are quarantines… And the Grandmas leaving in the morning. I tried to get to sleep with a tried and true method of nature shows, but ended up turning that off and listening to K Love instead. That radio station is my new tried and true evidently.

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