EditJenney Journal, part 31

On Oct 21, Jenney started to get nauseous and diarrhea. She became very dehydrated quickly, and had a seizure. I called our oncologist who said we should call 911 and get her into the ER. We spent the day in the ER where they ran various tests and could find no real cause for the seizure. They started her on Kepra and sent us home. The diarrhea continued. Imodium had no effect. Stronger medications had no effect. I had to take her in every other day to get an IV for fluids, and her potassium keeps getting low. Finally, a week after having constant diarrhea (10-20 times per day) the oncologist said she needed to be admitted to the hospital.

St. Joseph’s was full. St. Anthony’s was full. They finally found a bed for her at St. Clare. When we got there they already had a room for her, but it wasn’t clean. We sat and waited for a while and I talked to the admissions clerk. He said he’s never seen the hospitals so full, and that it was definitely covid, though most folks have it a few days and it’s like the flu and then goes away. And none of the staff has been getting it.

Jenney has been beside herself in the hospital. She’s alone, lonely, and confused a lot because she’s on some very strong drugs again. They ran tons of tests and have only recently landed on it being another immune response due to the immunotherapy medications. “Immune mediated enteritus, caused by Optivo”. This time her white blood cells are attacking her small intestines, inflaming them and making them not work, they can’t absorb nutrient and liquids from what she eats. And it’s painful, not all the time, but the cramping that happens with digestion is really bad for her. And it’s been over two weeks now.

When I talked to her today, she had only gone about 4 times, and her potassium level was up high enough. I’m still not sure they’ll send her home or not until the diarrhea stops.

As if all that isn’t enough, today I noticed Sebastian’s neck swelling again. Two years ago the lymph nodes in his neck became infected with a bacteria and they had to be surgically removed. He had two operations as they didn’t get it all the first time. Is this a recurrence? I pray it is not. Funny how even that seems almost like a small thing by comparison to the rest of this year. I’ll get him a pediatric appointment this week to see what they say. Hopefully it’s just a sore throat.

Marcus had his 6 month child wellness checkup this week. He’s doing great. A little small, but that’s to be expected for a premie. He’s teething, which brings it’s own challenges. Thankfully Jeanne, Jenney’s mom has been here these last few weeks to help me with the kids. I couldn’t work and do all the running between the grocery store, hospitals, and school for lunches. I’m also thankful that some folks from church and neighbors have brought us some meals and learning materials for the kids. It means a lot when someone stops by with something and we can talk a little, asking about jenney and the kids.

For the most part my anxiety around everything has been under control. But not all the time. I know through everything that God has a plan, that I have a role in that plan, and I will play it out day by day as he gives me strength to do so. I also get a lot of strength from my children. They are so well behaved, they love to learn, and they all play so well together. Marcus’ laugh is the brightest, most beautiful sound to my ears and never fails to bring me joy. :) I see God through my children.

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