EditNeeds and Wants

For a long time I’ve thought that a major distinction in life that people must try to make is the difference between needs and wants. I’ve told many of my friends that if they just try to make this distinction in their own life, they will live a much happier, balanced life.

I was going through an old hard drive today and found many of my old writings on lots of different topics, but this one just jumped out at me as it is probably one of the most profound truths and holds some of the most engaging questions of life. The entry is dated 1-11-07:

We’ve got to stop thinking that we are the only ones that matter. Where does one find the strength to accomplish such a feat? What is the formula for molding one’s self unto this task? We all want something greater than what we already experience in this life, but we must learn to separate that which we want, from that which is needed. Define what is needed. Can we tell by ourselves what is needed, or is it defined by those around us? Should it be defined by those around us, or by something greater? If by something greater, then what is that greater something? If by those around us, then whom?

I’ve pondered on these things most of my conscious life, and still look for the answers. I doubt I will ever stop.

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