Jenney Journal, part 29

It’s been a full three weeks since I last wrote. In that time Jenney was

  • in the hospital for a total of 10 days,
  • returned home on the 21st,
  • spent time recovering at home,
  • developed insomnia; and
  • had an alergic reaction to one of her medications resulting in hives.
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Jenney Journal, part 28

I believe that Jenney will be healed, fully and completely, and by the grace of God will see her children grow and meet her grandchildren.

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Jenney Journal, part 27

This past month has been a blessing. It reminds me of April which was a calm in the eye of the storm as Jenney recovered from her first brain surgery. We knew there would be the other side of the storm to go through, knowing Marcus was going to be born and that we would have to start treatments, but we didn’t know it was going to be so extremely harrowing with the additional brain surgery. But this last half of June and first half of July have been like April, with not only Jenney recovering again, but also with Marcus growing so big and so strong.

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Jenney Journal, part 26

Looking for words to describe the past couple of weeks; stressful, joyful at times, peaceful, some frustrations, a lot of gratitude. Overall Jenney continues to recover from her second craniotomy remarkably well.

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Dead and gone are the aspirations of self
  a new career
  selfish desires
  a life of control
Born anew into a life of service and care-giving to 
  my God 
  my family
  the body of Christ
Grieving for this loss
  the time to adjust - incalculable - has begun 
Gratitude for all that I gain
  grace and peace
  a new life grunting and growing
  maturity and strength
  everlasting life and joy
A new spirit enters as 
  my soul given over to the incarnation
  acceptance over struggle
  trust over control
  satisfaction over anxiety
  generosity over accumulation
I am undone, and glad of it
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