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On Sept 27th 2010 I was married to the love of my life, Jenney Marie Richards. My best man David Burns, wrote a speech that was both moving and heartfelt. I record that now for all eternity (assuming the internet is immortal and all):

For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to, my name is David Burns. I have know Jerad since the early days of high school.

I’m not here to tell you the funny stories of a 27 year old man who thought it was a bright idea to buy a skateboard to ride to work having never ridden one before and so fall a fracture his arm and be too stubborn to go to the hospital and get it fixed, nor about the time he put honey in the microwave and dropped it on the table because the plastic bottle was too hot which then exploded leaving me with second degree burns and minor scarring. Luckily they seem to be fading finally.

I am here to tell you about my best friend whom I’ve been hardest to get to do all the stupid stuff I’ve wanted to do in life. But luckily for him has an excellent mother, father, grandparents, brothers and rest of his family to thank for instilling within him such a strong moral compass. So strong, in fact, that while I was trying to get him to be bad, just the opposite happened and it turns out that hanging with him has made me a stronger, better and more successful individual.

At the same time I feel I have gained a second family. So I thank you Jerad, Cody, Christopher, Bryant and most importantly, Evy. You all mean the world to me.

Today I’m lucky enough to extend that family to include Jenney. Sorry Jenney,but you already said, “For better or worse” so you’re stuck with me! I look forward to that excellent cooking which Jerad so eagerly speaks about.

The night that Jerad met you, he and I talked about our ideal girlfriends. Again Jerad’s moral compass lead the way. He wanted a beautiful, caring, funny, trustworthy, generous and loving woman that would bare him 12 children and cook well. To that I said “Good luck fina girl with even one of those qualities! I’ll be happy with a girl that just isn’t crazy!”

And here I stand today eating those words because here you are. You’ve not only met, but exceeded all his expectations. I knew the second week into your relationship that he was in love. I could see it in his eyes and I saw it in yours too. You are both so blessed to have found eachother. I joke and try to take credit for the introduction, but obviously there was a much more powerful force at play.

So I’d like to ask you all to raise your glasses and join me in a toast.

Here’s to you Jerad and Jenney Bitner. May the stars shine down on you from above and bless you for eternity. May your success and love grow. May you be blessed with many beautiful and healthy children (and if you run out of names I won’t be offended if you name one of them David).

To Jerad and Jenney Bitner. Salute!

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