EditDrupaLMAO's Upcoming Coverage of DrupalCon 2008

We’ve got some good interviews at the Friday’s code sprint hosted by MIT in Boston this week. We’re in the process of doing some editing but you’ll be able to see the following over at DrupaLMAO.com: an interview with Robert Douglass of Acquia, Moshe Weitzman starting Cyrve, Jacob Reading spreading the word in China, Roger Lopez developer of Asset Module, and Earl Miles author of the Views 2, Panels 2 and Nodequeque 2.

Expect to see these and our own impressions over a beer or two in the following week at DrupaLMAO.com where we’re currently having a logo contest!

Also a big shout out to Jamie Meredith of tmg studio who helped coordinate the video-taping of the sessions @ DrupalCon! Thanks Jamie! You’ll have to let us know where to find all of them!

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