EditMacbook Pro

I purchased a new Macbook Pro, 15” with 1G RAM and 256VRAM ATI Graphics and it is incredible! Not only does everything look so much better then windoze, but the operating system is just so much better.

Mac’s have historically been favored by the more technically inclined, but the newer ones are definatly taking into account the less technically savvy end-user and catering to their needs as well. Everything from how the system works, to how it runs, to how you install/uninstall applications is just SO much better. What the hell was I thinking when I told my friend he was crazy for being a MacHead. I’m sorry Chris Jones! I’ve seen the light! Take me to the great Woz!

But all joking and technicals aside, this machine is a recommendation from me to you. Get one. If you even think about buying a windoze machine you’ll be harrassed in your dreams by the big bald guy with Buddy Holly glasses. If you like to make websites, it good for that. If you like to watch video, it’s good for that. If you like to talk to your friends, it’s good for that too. Videos, sound… lest’s just say that anything a windoze puter can do, this one does better. The only thing I really don’t like about it is . . . well I can’t say that I can honestly think of anything. Maybe the price. But it’s so worth it! The best purchase I’ve made in a very long time.

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