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Jenney and I moved from Austin to Carolina Beach, North Carolina and the past three.5 months have been amazing! It’s been like a working vacation. We were right on the beach, with beautiful views, and a personal walkway to the beach which was in a premo-spot. Not a ton of people, lots of waves, and lots of sunshine. We both worked hard, and played hard. It was great and I can honestly say I’ve lived my ‘beach life’ dream for at least a while. Chalk another dream up to ‘accomplished’!

Today marks the start of ANOTHER adventure. We packed up our life once more and left beautiful Carolina Beach behind. Tonight we wait at Jenney’s best friend’s (and Maid of Honor’s) house before our flight tomorrow for San Diego where we will be for a week, staying at her mother’s house before we are wed on Saturday, September 25th. We’re both so so so excited to see our friends and family and to celebrate what we’ve held true in our hearts for the last year; our commitment and love for each other.

After the wedding we’ll be flying back to North Carolina to pick up our belonging and drive to Colorado Springs where we will continue our life together. Jenney took the opportunity for a Pediatric job in her field of Occupational Therapy and will be doing more of what she loves. She went to school specifically for pediatrics, but the job market has, until now, dictate she work in Geriatrics instead. As you can imagine, the field of Geriatrics is a bit more sobering than getting to play with children all day, which is part of what she’ll be able to do at her new job. The new job is not quite as lucrative as a traveling position, but we will still be doing fine and loving our life.

My past year with Jenney has been the best year of my life, and I’m so looking forward to many, many more with her by my side. – guess I better write my vows ;)

For some of the great pictures we took on our travel this far, check out our photostreams on Flickr.

Jenney’s Photostream Jerad’s Photostream

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